Golden Sun Wall Mirror

+ Stylish, compliments bigger areas

+ Adds an elegant look

– Breakable item (Delivery needs to be careful)

Customers review:

Great item that gives a luxurious and fancy look to where it is placed


SAR 213.65

Best Move Tips:

This stylish product is best placed in dining areas or living rooms.

It also compliments bigger bathrooms and/or entry ways. Great for apartments and homes.

Lovely house warming or wedding gift.

Size & Weight:

Size: 58.5 x 2.79 x 58.5 cm

Weight: 1.4 Kg

Geometric Mirror

+/- Mirror is larger than what it appears to be online

+ Stylish, geometric, octagon shaped mirror

– Hardware not included (2 screws needed only)

Customers review:

Most customers were shocked by the size of this mirror. Pictures do not do the size any fairness.


SAR 377.00

Best Move Tips:

Great piece for the master bedroom, living rooms, entry ways and over a fireplace.

This is a heavy, solid built item. You may require some help installing it.

Size & Weight:

Size: 72.01 x 5.59 x 72.01 cm

Weight: 4.81 Kilograms

Decorative Rope Mirrors (Oval, Rectangle, Round & Square)

+ Thick authentic rope

+ Great quality

+ Zero to minimal shedding (rope)

– Wall hook not included

Customers review:

Reasonably priced mirror.

Heavy quality feel to it. Easy to hang. Gives the room a beachy feel.

Well packaged, mirror delivered intact.


SAR 139.60 – 215.86 (Depending on the selected shape)

Best Move Tips:

This piece is great for bathrooms, dining areas and hallways of any house.

More specifically, this item is great for beach houses, cottage homes, chalets and/or vacation homes.

Size & Weight:

Square –

Size: 3 x 58.42 x 43.18 cm

Weight: 1.9 Kg

Round –

Size: 42.98 x 3 x 42.98 cm

Weight: 1.7 Kg

Oval –

Size: 41.99 x 3 x 61.98 cm

Weight: 1.6 Kg

Rectangle –

Size: 3 x 38.51 x 62 cm

Weight: 1.9 Kg

Modern Geometric Mirror (Available in 4 Colors)

+ Chique & modern wall art

+ Brightens any room

+/- Size (not a huge mirror)

Customers review:

This is a beautiful, eye-catching mirror with a functional frame. Customers use this as an artistic addition to their walls. The mirror is not flat, but very dimensional.


SAR 64.85 – 481.31 (Depending on color)

Best Move Tips:

This stunning wall art will look lovely in almost any room. It is ideal for smaller rooms, as it boosts light making in smaller areas to make them appear bigger. The mirror’s modern look allows it to be hanged either horizontally or vertically. We do suggest a horizontal hang though.

Great for art projects and artistic shows.

Colors Available: Black, white & copper.

Size & Weight

Size: 56.52 x 42.55 x 8.26 cm

Weight: 1.81 Kg

Diamond Trio Mirrors

+ Three pieces, available in 3 colors

+ High quality

+ Eye catching

+ Easy to get creative with

– No Negatives!

Customers review:

This is one of the customers’ favorites. Very loveable décor. Gives a modern gallery touch to wherever it is placed. The hangers that come with it are charming and make it look even more beautiful.


SAR 80.21 – 181.17 (Depending on color)

Best Move Tips:

Although these mirrors may seem tiny in size, they are one of the stand out decorations presented in any property.

If you are thinking of placing them in a large area (living room), you might want to consider buying more than one piece.

Great for art projects. Interior designers will love these!

Size & Weight:

Size: 17.15 x 1.52 x 70.49 cm

Weight: 1.02 Kg

Macrame Mirrors

+ Hand-woven

+ Bohemian vibe to your décor

– Will not fit/blend into any room

– Not an actual mirror

– You have to assemble it by yourself

Customers review:

There are mixed reviews on this item, yet it is still loveable for its simplicity and elegant look/feel. If you like assembling items, you will enjoy this. The macramé comes separately, so that can also be used to decorate your place.

The design is quite unique, and you can get creative with the placement.


AED 86.11

Best Move Tips:

This vintage item can transform your room’s vibe into a bohemian themed one. It is not for any room. We recommend this as a part of a specific design/theme for an allocated room.

Thoughtful gift for your bohemian themed friends.

Also, this isn’t a kitchen décor. Cottons and mirrors do not fit there, please choose a different room!

Size & Weight:

Size: 28.3 x 26.59 x 3.1 cm

Weight: 408 G

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