Beautiful Vases

Vintage Glass Bulb Vase with Wooden Stand (1,2 & 3 Bulb Vases available)

+ Easy to set up almost anywhere

+ Perfect/instantly loveable gift

–  Bulbs are a bit difficult to clean from the inside  

Customers Review:

A truly beautiful and easy to maintain product that sparks elegance in any room it is displayed in.

It is great for starting roots. Plant lovers will love this as a gift.

If you have pets at home and are worried this vase will be knocked down by them, worry not, the vases are strongly attached to the holder and hard to knock down.


AED 55.23 – AED 86.45

Best Move tips:

We recommend placing this item in a sunny area. It can hold items other than plants, but plants are ideal for indoor décor. Bookshelves, tables and windows are the best spots to place this.

Size & weight:

– 1 Vase: 6.2 X 5.4 inches

– 2 Vase: 8.2 X 5.4 inches

– 3 Vase: 11X 6.0 X 5.4 inches

Bottle Vase in Wooden Rack (1 or 3 Bottles available)

+ Sturdy Wood

+ Strong & Thick Glass

– No Negative Reviews

Customers review:

Perfect for single flower stems, orbis and roses. Strong and sturdy object that will not break easily. Safe around animals.


AED 56.48 or AED 77.71

Best Move Tips:

This product is best placed in the kitchen, dining tables or by the windows.

Great for plants and much more room to be creative with for artsy lovers.

Sweet gift for creative people and artists.

Size & Weight:

Wooden Rack: 7 L x 3 ¼ W x 6 H (inches)

Glass Vase: 5 ½ H (inches)

Umbra Vases with Golden Stands (2 sets, Available in Black or White)

+ Exquisite little vase

+ Not just a home decor, it can be placed anywhere

– Small

– Slightly expensive

Customers review:

Sharp looking vase design. It adds a luxurious touch depending on where you place it.

It is a cute show off item that dresses up the location its placed in.

The golden wire frame is thick and does not bend easily.

Note: Some customers do not like the size of the product and say it is slightly overpriced.

Size and weight are mentioned below.

Also, fake plants are not included.


AED 96.19

Best Move Tips:

Although pictures show this as a plant friendly items, we advise you to use it as a different way to design your home or office. Black rocks, cubes, petals and leaves make this stand out even more than just another vase in the room. Be creative with it. Shelves are great for these.

It could also be used for stationary items.

Size & Weight:

Size by dimensions: 21.18 x 16.71 x 14.68 (cm)

Weight: 589.67 grams

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